By accepting our terms of purchase, you accept and confirm that:

- You are of legal age or have your parents' permission to make the desired purchase.

- A purchase is made for the parts of Minelife that are mentioned in the description.

- As all services are delivered as an electronic product, to the entered Minecraft user, and as the product can be used immediately, the right of withdrawal is waived, cf. the Consumer Contracts Act ยง 18, paragraph. 2, No. 13.

- It is your responsibility to familiarize yourself with the contents of the packages before making a purchase. It is not possible to advertise the contents of the package after purchase, as this is an electronic product. Reference is also made to the Consumer Contracts Act, section 18, subsection. 2, No. 13.

- We have at all times the right to make changes in the contents of packages, prices, the structure of the servers, etc.

- It is your responsibility to keep an eye on the rules on the servers (both on the website and servers)

By lifetime is meant the lifetime of the specific server.

In case of abuse (misuse) of your rank or your commands etc. we reserve the right to deprive you of these, or in the worst case to curse you. Refund will not take place.

- In case of bad behavior, ugly language, or any kind of abuse, we also reserve the right to remove your rank or in the worst case, curse you. This is also true even if it was someone else who borrowed your computer or Minecraft user.

- Permanent ban can occur in particularly severe cases. However, this will rarely occur without prior warning.

- By evt. closing of servers and website there are no refunds.

- Your user and IP address are entirely your responsibility, and the above therefore applies in all respects.

- Every attempt at chargeback results in permanent ban from the server.

- All purchases are locked to the specific Minecraft character. This means, you can't move ranks, items etc. to other accounts.